Picture Gallery

Here are pictures of some of the many things that Heartland Hijab has made.

This grouping is a of a cream colored "double scarf" designed and sewn by Heartland Hijab. The close-ups show the decorative edge stitching.


A large triangle scarf embellished with decorative stitching and an added band of contrasting fabric. 

Details of the hand sewing being done on a custom designed abaya made by Heartland Hijab. The bodice will be further embellished with glass beads that will also be individually sewn on by hand. 


Pink fabric with blue braided trim make for a lovely and modest triangle scarf. The long edge stitching is done in the same shade of blue as the trim and runs the length of the scarf.


One of our highly embellished decorative underscarf caps shown covered with a basic black hijab scarf.

An image of the back of one our underscarf caps. The lower band ties under the hair, keeping everything secure and snug. The fabric is comfortable and strong, making a perfect base for your scarf. The ties also mean "one size fits most" for adult Sisters. 


One of our modest matrons wearing a custom fit abaya with matching decorative underscarf and flowing black khimar.

Custom designed and sewn abaya with stretch tube underscarf and coordinating hijab.

A pink linen-look triangle scarf edged with satin overlaid with white lace. The decorative stitching adds a final touch. 


A young Hijabi having fun while posing with a new khimar!


These two pictures are of a teal triangle scarf with white lace edging that was custom made on order. 


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