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Please visit us HERE to view the items Heartland Hijab has on auction and available for purchase via eBay. You can also search for eBay for our seller name, "heartlandhijabs".

The Basic Abaya

No wardrobe is complete without the simple elegance of this basic abaya. Made of smooth chiffon for a wonderful drape and flow, this garment is suitable for year-round wear and comfort.

Price includes shipping within United States. Please contact for international shipping rates. 

Currently available in Dove Gray and Kohl Black. Please select size and color when ordering purchasing via eBay.



The Cargo Abaya 

Casual, comfy and amazingly trendy... please welcome the Cargo Abaya! Three extending pockets stylishly and convenientlyplaced, a perky Mandarin style collar and heavy gauge metal zippers make this garment a fashion must. Designed with the Modern Modest Muslimah in mind, the Cargo Abaya is geared for your life - and your lifestyle!

PRICE: $45.00 shipped 

Available in Cloudy Day Gray and Deepest Night Navy. Please select size and color when ordering.  




The Moroccan Burnoose

Never let an "Arabian Night" pass you by without the eternal elegance of the Moroccan Burnoose. Flowing chiffon summons the beauty of the Middle East while the deep hood shrouds the modesty of the Muslim woman. Roomy, subtle and mysterious... This is the Moroccan Burnoose.

PRICE: $50.00 shipped  

Available in Lightest Lemon Chiffon and Kohl Black. Please select size and color when ordering. Note that the burnoose is a very roomy garment and tends to "run large" in sizing.




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