Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you from Allah (The Most Glorified, The Most High).

This page is dedicated to providing, Inshallah, a comprehensive list of resources for free instructions, directions and patterns relating to Hijab and modest clothing online.  

Please note that sites listed that are accompanied by a series of stars (***) are not Muslim / Islamic sites and the primary purpose of those sites is not to provide patterns for or assistance in making Hijab. These sites are included here because the patterns and information they contain can be used either "as is" or with very little alteration in order to make suitable modest clothing.


Free Islamic Patterns:
Sister Shazeeda Shakoor's modest clothing site offers free directions with line drawings. Directions include patterns for underscarves, closed abaya, open abayakaftan, niqab, khimar and chador. You will, Inshallah, find much of what you need on this wonderful site.


Free Prayer Garment Pattern:

This page offers a line drawing with directions for making your own long khimar and a simple wrap skirt.


Burqa Pattern:
A basic line drawing pattern of a burqa with directions on how to sew the pieces together. This page is a little "blurry", but the instructions print out nicely.


eHow / How to Make Hijabs:

Written instructions on how to finish a piece of fabric into either a rectangle or square hijab scarf.


eHow / How to Make a Hijab:

Written instructions on how to use a "blank silk scarf" or a piece of fabric to make a rectangle hijab scarf. Also written directions on making a "stretchy tube" underscarf. 


Sewing - Chador:

This chador pattern is not for the Sister just learning how to sew. The pattern is a great one with lots of detail and instruction, but you need to either have a sewing mentor or be fairly profecient yourself.


Sewing - Underscarves:

Written directions to make a "stretchy tube" underscarf with photographs to help along the way. Also a "turban style" underscarf with written and image instructions.



Custom Long Skirt***:

A simple step-by-step "class" that leaves you with a six-gore skirt of your desired length that is custom fitted to your measurements. Easy to follow instructions with a line drawing to assist.


Simple Draw String Skirt***:
Nine pages of instructions along with photographs of the skirt-making process each step of the way. The skirt can be made to any length so is suitable for any height of Sister for a custom fit.


The Five-Minute Skirt***:

This simple two piece skirt with very clear directions is easy and fast to make. Adjust the length of fabric used in order to make a skirt that is the proper length for you. 


Mock Wrap Skirt***:
A fast and easy skirt pattern with directions and line drawings. The instructions can be printed out or downloaded as a .pdf.


Multiple Long Skirt Patterns***:
Although this site is for "costumes", it has the following patterns that are simply wonderful: full circle skirt, panelled skirt, flounced skirt and 2/3 circle veil (head scarf). Each set of instructions shows either pictures or line drawings and has a calculator on the page to put in your measurements and it provides you with amounts of fabric that you need.



Easy Indian Pants (Salwar)***:
This page from the Burda patterns and crafts website gives specific, step-by-step instructions with full color photographs showing how to sew a pair of baggy Indian style women's pants, called Salwar.


Pakistani Pants***:

From the website: "These pants should be constructed from light weight cotton or rayon that drapes well. They are quite baggy and very comfortable worn with a long shirt overtop." The directions also recommend that you have some sewing experience before starting on these pants.


Easy-to-Make Pants (2 Styles)***:
Simple to follow directions with line drawings for Thai Fisherman style pants and simple pull on pants.


Very Easy Pants***:
This tutorial takes a pair of pants (pyjama) that you already wear and has you use them as a guide for making another pair of pull-on pants. Very detailed directions with photographs for every step along the way.



Caftan (Abaya)***:
Wonderful instructions with line drawings for a wrist- and floor-length caftan / abaya with trim around the neck, sleeves, hem and down the front. Very traditional and modest in appearance and can be made with nearly any fabric. Highly recommended, especially if you already have some sewing experience.


Learn Stitching Blog***:
A lovely blog that contains step-by-step instructions with pictures of how to make many articles of Indian clothing including a kurta (long tunic top), skirt, salwar (pants) and some girl children's clothing (dresses). Some of the clothing is not suitable for adaptation to hijab, but other items need no alteration at all.


Alterable to Make an Abaya***:
This page has simple to follow written instructions on how to make a simple "t-shirt" that is actually very similar to a square abaya. In order to make this pattern into an abaya, simply increase the piece of fabric used until it will go from the floor behind you to the floor over your head. Simple, fast and rather nice!


Persian Fitted Caftan***:
This is a line drawing with measurements to put together a historically based Persian Fitted Caftan. Modifications can be made to loosen the fit so that the garment is more modest and has better "flow". Do take a look, but I believe that this pattern is for the more experienced sewing Sister. Free Patterns***:

Several projects and directions for sewing clothing are listed on this page, with pictures of the finished projects. Select the item you are interested in and you will be given instructions that include step-by-step directions and a list of materials needed. Items on the page that we recommend include the "Design your own peasant top" (which only needs to have the sleeves made long), scarves, a "wrap cape", a poncho, and several other items that are adaptable for hijab use.


This caftan is simple to make following the directions and pictures included with the instructions. After making this garment once, you will be able to create it again and again. Includes instructions on adding extra fabric for a longer length. Please note that this caftan has limited coverage for arms.


High Necked Flowing Blouse or Dress***:
A free downloadable pattern from Burda Style for a full blouse with a high neck that can easily be lengthed into a long flowing dress. This a more advanced design that will require you to either print out a pattern at home and "expand it" or have it printed at a print shop in full size. If you are an intermediate to advanced home Sewing Sister, this pattern is for you!


"Biblical Era Clothing"***: 
Understand that this site states that it is "Biblical Era Clothing", but that many of the basic clothing styles from that time period have carried through to the modern Middle East. No offense is intended by including this site as a resource. The patterns are easy to follow and can be made into basic Hijab with very little, if any changes to the shape and style of the clothing.


Hooded Scarf***:
How to make a Western-style scarf with a hood that can be adjusted for use as a hijab scarf. The instructions are easy to follow and the finished product looks well-put-together.


Cardigan / Shawl Wrap***:

An interesting item of clothing that is a long sleeved sweater with two long "shawls" that hang from the open front. Can be worn in several ways. May need a bit more sewing experience to expand this pattern from the directions online and make the garment. 


Poncho (Caftan Style Shirt / Caftan)***:
A very simple style shirt that can be adjusted into any length. The garment is made from two pieces of fabric and does not have sleeves.


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